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Help us fund our core programs

Will you help OCCA continue offering outdoor experiences to everyone in our region, promoting sustainable practices, and advocating for the protection of the amazing natural beauty and resources we are so fortunate to have?

It is because of donors like you we continued our mission despite all the challenges 2020 has thrown at us so far. Moving into 2021, we have two new and exciting programs that will be starting.First is our NOAA B-WET program. B-WET focuses on professional development for teachers and other educators throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed portion of New York State to facilitate meaningful watershed educational experiences for students. Second, we embark on building an even greater presence in the Mohawk Valley for promoting clean energy programs for individuals, small and large businesses ,nonprofits, and municipalities with our Heat Smart Mohawk Valley initiative.

These new programs are wonderful additions to our portfolio of environmental programs, but it does not mean we are moving away from the core values that have made OCCA amazing these past 52 years!That is why we need your contributions to support our work in children's programming, safe outdoor activities ,educational experiences for the community, and continuing our invasive species management work throughout the area. Being able to support programming for everyone helps us continue to educate and create environmental conservation advocates in our fight against climate change ,while our invasive species management work helps keep our land air and water clean for future generations to enjoy.

Please be part of the OCCA community and consider giving $20, $50, $100, or whatever you are able to support our 2021 initiatives. We are here to make sure this work gets done in our community and we would not be able to do it without the support of conservation-minded donors like you.Together we can keep our waterways and forests safe, not only for the native plants and animals, but for us to experience with calm hearts and quiet minds.

Thank you for your generous support.

Amy Wyant, Executive Director