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Reduce your footprint. Increase your giving.

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What kind of impact are you leaving on this earth? Do you remember your reuseable bags? Do you turn off the lights? Do you lower your heat? Do you invest in reuseable packaging? How far do you drive your vehicle? In this day and age of constant news stories of the increasing price of recycling, countries buried under mountains of trash, the battle to reduce our carbon footprint, and climate change, OCCA has decided to start a yearlong campaign to educate our citizens on reducing their footprint. There are so many ways to lower your impact on this planet, and every little bit that a person does CAN make a difference. We can no longer rely on recycling to take care of our disposables. We can no longer rely on fossil fuel resources. But can we rely on YOU to help us spread the word, learn about our impacts, and be a part of a more thoughtful society?

Your donation this year will help us get information out, practice what we preach, and make Otsego County an example of how when citizens band together, we really can make a difference.